Tuesday, 8 May 2012

93% of Muslims Voted for Hollande

A study carried out by the polling organisation OpinionWay on the day of the second round of the election reveals massive Muslim support for the Socialist party. It testifies to a rejection of Sarkozyism but not all the values of the right, especially on social questions such as homosexuality.

The Muslims demanded change, and they got it. According to a study of the electorate carried out by OpinionWay and Fiducial on May 6 for Le Figaro based on 10,000 voters, 93% of the believers slipped a "François Hollande" ballot into their envelope. Only 7% of them voted for Nicholas Sarkozy.
Source: La Vie Via: Fdesouche.com

Given the closeness of the election and the number of Muslims in France (generally estimated at 3-6 million), we can now say definitively that the Muslim vote altered the outcome of this election.

Hollande, of course, has promised to introduce votes for foreigners. So we can expect the distorting effect of the Muslim presence to be even greater in future.

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  1. yes why not introduce a champagne socialist as a leader who can then put immigrants before native white french people, and a number of french people were stupid enough to vote for hollande. and of course muslims usually have around 90 people registered to vote at one address so that could possibly influence election results, the poll stations in muslim parts of france were probably unchecked, so a bit of electoral fraud "may" of occured.