Monday, 14 May 2012

Staying Whit The Muslim Inlaws

 A cruel Muslim father-in-law who kept his son’s Pakistani bride prisoner in his Bradford home and used her as his sex slave has been jailed for seven years. 

The 56-year-old man took away the 22-year-old woman’s jewelery and passport and threatened to bring shame on her by forcing her to divorce if she refused to comply with his demands.

Her life was such unbearable misery that she thought about killing herself, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

The man made the vulnerable woman do the housework, care for his grandchildren and bring him breakfast in bed.

Prosecutor Richard Clews said she spoke no English when she came to the UK in 2008 following an arranged marriage.

Her husband stayed out late and then stopped coming back to his parents’ home at all, leaving his bride under the power and control of her father-in-law.

He subjected her to “repeated and sustained” sexual abuse and scratched her arm with a screwdriver and burned her with an iron to reinforce his authority over her.

Mr Clews said he told her not to wear underwear to make the abuse easier. He molested her when his wife was out, after locking the house doors.

He even made her swear on the Koran not to tell anyone.

 “The slavery turned into repeated, sustained sexual abuse and degradation.”
The man forced her to watch pornography and physically hurt her with his “unfaithful and disgusting activity”.


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