Wednesday, 20 June 2012

FRANCE: Muslim man shoots two policewomen in cold blood.

The two female police officers, 29 and 35, were shot to death, when they intervened in a family dispute in Collobrieres in southeastern France.

 The report about the French cop-killer was all over the news this morning, but none of the English-language bulletins mentioned his ethnicity or gave his name. It was necessary to open the French news sites to find the name “Abdallah Boumezar”.

The killer, Abdallah Boumezaar, is a 30-year Algerian Muslim mason. He was let out of jail after serving a  prison sentence for drug offenses and armed robbery. He was also recently  convicted of serious violence against his mother, but received a suspended sentence. He has already spent nearly ten years in prison for drug trafficking, theft, violence.

The policewomen were responding to a call about an Arab who had robbed a purse from a female neighbor. Abdallah, who is big and tall, struck the police sergeant, stole her gun, and shot the 35-year-old mother of two with several shots to the face.
The second policewoman, newly married, ran to hide in a small alley, but the killer shot her to death with at least 7 bullets to the back, using her own gun.  Boumezaar then fled on foot along with “one of his wives.” But the helicopter and 300 police officers managed to track him down and arrest him. He has confessed and is now awaiting sentencing.

Le Parisian

 At three o’clock in the morning, while dozens of police and helicopters stalked him, he was arrested with his girlfriend behind the gas station in the village.  He admitted being the murderer of the policewomen  without explaining the reasons that prompted him to kill.   The prosecutor Xavier Tarabeux intended to call for charges of murder on Audrey Berthaut and assassination of Alicia Champlon, which implies premeditation.
His brother, Chaouki Boumezaar, painted a picture Tuesday of the suspect hard: “It was uncontrollable, emotionally shot, he killed the police but he could have killed my mother, my sister or me.”

They may want to rethink this
A French appeals court approved Tuesday the construction of a large mosque in the city of Marseille, home to an estimated 250,000 Muslims. The mosque, seen as a symbol of Islam's growing presence in France, has attracted national controversy.


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