Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Islamic Tower Hamlets

The Islamification of large parts of London and England is now officially complete. This article refers to Tower Hamlets, but also applies to many areas throughout London and England.

Please note the older reports have been removed by the NHS: light Grey text, links to statistics and information pages. This is the latest and its a lot worse than 3 years ago when this article was first published >NHS Latest on islamic Tower Hamets

The white East Enders, have been eradicated from a large part of Tower Hamlets, East London. The Blitz generation have watched helplessly as their sons and daughters have been forced to move out of their historic homeland, the East End. Now only a few isolated and ageing pockets survive.

From the early 70's Housing and Social resources have been diverted to large Bangladeshi Muslim families. This policy has virtually eradicated the indigenous white population, and has continued for decades without comment or constraint. 

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