Saturday, 9 June 2012

Moelenbeek: Two Police Officers Stabbed by Jihadist from France

 Two law enforcement representatives were stabbed by a maniac in Moelenbeek, in Beekkant underground station. The attacker is a 34-year-old man active in the Islamist milieu who, according to his own statements, committed his attack to protest against the Belgian government's policy towards Muslims. L'agresseur est un homme de 34 ans actif dans le milieu islamiste qui, selon ses propres dires, a commis son agression pour protester contre la politique du gouvernement belge à l'égard des musulmans.

    Having arrived from Paris in Thalys, he was carrying documents containing extracts from the Koran as well as a press article referring to the burka-wearing woman who was stopped last Thursday. After having found out about the events that occurred in Moelenbeek in recent days, he took the underground towards the district. When the doors were opened, he attacked the two young police recruits from behind while telling "Holy War!". According to our sources, the man was clearly in Belgium to "kill a cop".

    The two victims, a man and a woman in their 30s, are out of danger. The woman has a wound in the neck and in her lower back; the man was struck in the nape of the neck.

Source: La Libre

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