Monday, 9 July 2012

Marine Le Pen: 'Integration is the Anglo-Saxon system adopted in Great Britain'

I'm not sure this is Marine at her best. She is certainly forceful enough on economic matters, but she seems much too accommodating towards Muslims, and too eager to point out that there have never been any problems in Hénin-Beaumont. She may be right in praising the good relations between Muslim and French residents, but the fact that there are so many Muslims in France is a major problem even when they are well-behaved. It is possible that she toned down her rhetoric for The Guardian. Her best moment is when she claims the woman with the headscarf lied. I don't know if the woman lied, but I did not like the sight of her with her smug husband eating snack food. Are they Socialists pretending to be converts?

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  1. the idea of intergration was really more of a roman idea introduced into Britain, and other countries, the saxons didn`t intergrate that much apart from being subjected to forced intergration by the norman invasion.