Friday, 21 September 2012

Brierfield dad jailed over “fraud and money laundering” firm

A BRIERFIELD father who set up a company as a vehicle for fraud and to conceal the assets of other criminals has today been jailed for eight and a half years.

Mohammed Khatana was described by a judge as a “determined, persistent and versatile professional criminal”.

Khatana (51) of Hawkswood Gardens, Brierfield, had set up a business, known as POCA consulting, to help people facing proceeds of crime hearings.

Preston Crown Court heard how an undercover officer got in contact, claiming to be the partner of a drug dealer abroad who was going to return and face a sentence, making it clear he wanted to keep a hold of his money.

The female officer spoke of their being half a million pounds in play.

Khatana went on to be tried and convicted in relation to a money laundering charge.
He also faced sentencing for 15 charges of fraud when he appeared at court today.
His case was said to involve around £44,000.

His daughter Mahria (25), of the same address, had admitted four charges of fraud. Her offences were said to involve around £18,000.

She narrowly avoided being sent to jail and was given twelve months prison, suspended for eighteen months, with supervision and an order to carry out 250 hours unpaid work.


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