Friday, 23 November 2012

Norway judges free Islamic extremist

The Supreme Court rules there is no reason to hold Arslan Ubaydullah Maroof Hussain in continued custody despite still standing indictments.

Mr Hussain was arrested at the end of last month initially for statements on his Facebook group that left Oslo’s Jewish community feeling threatened.

His remarks resulted in Ola Elvestuen, Oslo city councillor for the Liberal Party (V), calling for talks with police over security at the synagogue.

Police subsequently posted guards outside the Israeli Embassy and the Jewish pre-school near the synagogue just over one week ago in connection with events in the Middle East.

27-year-old Mr Hussain, of Pakistani origin, has been held on remand for four weeks total. He is also indicted for issuing threats against two journalists, as well as threatening an expert witness during trial proceedings.

Today’s verdict quashes Borgarting Court of Appeal’s continued custody ruling. Court of Appeal judges will now have to hear Arslan Ubaydullah Maroof Hussain’s case anew.

However, police have asked for Mr Hussain to remain in custody until this has been effecuated.


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