Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Protestors are planning to take to the streets of Wisbech in a bid to stop the influx of migrant workers into the UK.

Boston immigration group protest

A group, which started in Boston, and has hundreds of supporters, has scheduled a protest on May 25 before taking their fight to Westminster.

A Facebook group run by the protest organisers, debating immigration issues in Wisbech, has gained massive support in the last week, doubling the number of members in the wake of two murders in the town.

Feelings have been running high in Wisbech for sometime and have escalated in the wake of the murders of Una Crown and Virginja Jurkiene but police stress they are not linking these two deaths.

However, this has not stopped the ‘Wisbech Immigration Issues’ group attracting more than 800 members, with people sharing their own – mostly negative – views and opinions on the migrant population.

The group is linked with similar set-ups in Boston and Spalding and a static protest was held in Boston in November. It saw around 200 people come together to debate Britain’s involvement in the EU and called for a halt to more immigration.

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